Virtual Kant Congress with a Cosmopolitan Purpose

The depicted Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection, which represents all the land on earth, was developed in 1772 by Johann Heinrich Lambert. Kant and Lambert exchanged various letters between 1765 and 1770.

The Virtual Kant Congress with a Cosmopolitan Purpose (VKC) is a decentralized series of virtual sessions curated by Kant societies and groups from around the globe to commemorate Kant’s 300th birthday. The series seeks to honor Kant's ideal of cosmopolitan dialogue by connecting Kant researchers worldwide.

Sessions will take place online (on Zoom) roughly every two weeks throughout 2024, starting in March.  Please register here to receive the Zoom link. Sessions will be recorded and archived on both the VKC YouTube channel and on the Recorded Sessions page.

The VKC is supported by the North American Kant Society and the Leuven Research Group in Classical German Philosophy, and organized by Andrew Chignell (Princeton), Karin de Boer (Leuven), Luis Fellipe Garcia (Leuven), and Alexander (Z) Quanbeck (Princeton). 

For all questions about the VKC, please contact

Please note that our decision to invite particular Kant societies or groups does not in any way indicate that we support the policies of the government of the nation in which the society or group is based.